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Firefighter Roy Chelsen 
Survivor of September 11th terror attacks
 Roy responded to the catastrophic call on 9/11 with his 28/11 fire company.
  His Engine 28 Company helped many civilians escape the impending collapse
 of the twin towers that fateful day. As a true leader and decisive man,
Roy led many of his fellow firefighters out of the building.
Working tirelessly throughout the months that followed,he was exposed
 to the many toxins and dust at Ground Zero that subsequently
 affected his health and life!
Roy was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer,called Multiple Myeloma. 
Despite grueling chemotherapy,many stem cell transplants, and a forced retirement,
Roy never gave up!
His resilience allowed him to fight and win the many battles along the way.
Roy and his family worked diligently to find a match for Roy and others like Roy. 
With passion and determination, they organized and hosted ​numerous
marrow drives through their non profit foundation
Be the Hero ~ For a Hero
No perfect match was found.
On 1-9-11, 
our 9/11 Hero went into eternal rest after
his five year battle with Cancer.

Please consider joining the 
National Marrow Registry
You could be a perfect match for someone suffering from cancer.

501(c) (3)  Warwick, NY